Radio Systems is an official Motorola Solutions Platinum Reseller, our highly qualified globally experienced team delivers the best mobility and communications products to transform your business. We intimately understand Motorola products and services, deliver deep technical expertise, and can serve the complex needs of a wide range of industries.

MOTOTRBO™ Hand Portable Radios

The MOTOTRBO two-way radio portfolio offers you a wide choice of devices, from simple voice-only models to feature-rich voice and data radios. ensuring productivity and efficiency. To see some of the MOTOTRBO hand portable devices that Radio Systems carries then please read more….

MOTOTRBO Mobile Radios

With exceptional voice quality and outstanding usability, MOTOTRBO mobile radio devices keeps your workforce connected. And all devices work together seamlessly to deliver advanced features to enhance your safety, productivity and efficiency.  To see some of the  MOTOTRBO mobile devices we carry then read more…

MOTOTRBO Digital Radio Repeaters

MOTOTRBO digital radio repeaters can improve your two-way radio communication coverage and eliminate dead spots with infrastructure designed with productivity in mind. For product information please read more…

WAVE PTX – Push-To-Talk over Cellular

 Connect your team with greater speed and efficiency using WAVE PTX, a Push-To-Talk (PPT) service that has no boundaries. Learn more…