Telecom Sub Systems

We provide a diverse range of Telecom Sub Systems including Antenna systems, CCTV, Public Address, Seismic Detection, Marine Navigation, Leaky Feeder, Telephony, IT systems and Fibre Networks.

Antenna Sub System

Whether a new radio system or an upgrade to an old one, whether in the UK or overseas, RSL always offer a propagation design study option.

For on-site systems, this will consist of on-the-ground Received Signal Strength plots per location from actual or trial transmitters, using calibrated equipment. Read more…

CCTV Sub System

As ‘Telecom’ Contractors to significant industrial, oil and gas projects, Radio Systems scope can embrace CCTV subsystems or CCTV can provide a standalone project in its own right.

Radio Systems has the skill sets available to provide design, procurement, factory build and test, site installation, commissioning and site testing, followed by support services. Read more…

Seismic Detection

Seismic Detection is a critical part of Oil and Gas exploration and production operations. Any seismic instability needs early detection for operational and Health and Safety reasons. Read more…

Public Address

There are numerous companies that can supply wired PA systems, Radio Systems is one of them with services offered from design, through to supply, installation and commissioning. Read more….

Leaky Feeder

Radio Systems has for many years been a prime contractor at both Heathrow and Gatwick airports for ground operations radio systems and has been responsible for much of the design. Read more…

Marine Navigation

Various National and International Maritime Regulations require marine vessels and static structures to be fitted with Navigational Aids.

Those fitted to static structures can vary by regulation but Radio Systems and partners can supply any. Read more…

Telephony, IT and Fibre Networks

In today’s environment, Systems Integration is most commonly performed at IP level, calling for an intimate knowledge of IT Networks, routing and termination.

Radio Systems has the in-house skills required to perform the design and configuration of these interconnecting highways and platforms. Read more…