Radio Infrastructure

With over thirty years of experience as a market-leading radio infrastructure design and installation business, Radio Systems has developed a multi-skilled workforce with a global reputation, delivering business-critical radio communications infrastructure that is reliable, resilient and of exceptionally high quality.


Keynet is the Brand name given to the MPT1327 infrastructure based upon Radio Systems own Key equipment. There are currently three configurations, Keynet 2, Keynet 3 and Keynet 4, each with its own technical and commercial attributes. Read more…


MOTOTRBO is a digital two-way radio system from Motorola specifically designed to meet the requirements of professional organisations that need a customisable, business-critical, private communication solution using licensed spectrum. MOTOTRBO combines the best in two-way radio functionality with digital technology to deliver increased capacity and spectral efficiency, integrated data applications and enhanced voice communications. MOTOTRBO is an integrated voice and data system solution comprising mobile and portable radios, audio and other accessories, repeaters, and a third party application partner program. To see the range of MOTOTRBO products that we hold, please read more…


Sepura plc is a British manufacturing company with headquarters in Cambridge and has a pedigree that can be traced back through well-known names such as Phillips and Pye with over 100 years in radio communications. Sepura has grown into a world leader in the design and manufacture of robust and reliable digital radio systems and for the last 15 years has shipped over one million digital radios to customers in over 30 countries. In the UK, every police force and ambulance service uses Sepura TETRA digital radios – that’s over 180,000 radios in everyday use, giving Sepura over 60% share of the UK public safety market. Sepura digital radios and systems are well proven and trusted. Read more…


The Radio Systems KF510 Base Station provides the core of all the Keynet systems. As an RF platform, it has been tried, tested and proven in the most hostile environments over many years of successful service. The in-house Radio Systems R & D team designs the logic board that manages the Base Station functionality and provides external interfaces. This is an evolving process that is both proactive and reactive towards Client specific requirements and technological developments. The combination of RF platform and logic board results in a Base Station that is unrivalled for reliability, flexibility and service delivery.


Radio Systems recognises that business efficiency can be greatly improved by the management of mobile assets and supplements their Keynet range with the tools, CAD packages, to do this. CAD packages are available for voice or data communications or both. Since these are in house products, the Radio Systems R & D team will consider customisation to Client specifications. Single or multiple despatchers can be deployed, the latter sharing a common database with automatic call routing if required.


The Radio Systems R & D team has a long history of specialising in the customisation of its products to deliver Client specific solutions. These can range from hardware modification or manufacture through to software applications or in some cases both. Each case is treated on its merits with a no obligation approach to feasibility discussions and studies. Small batch and high volume requirements will both be considered if there is a business case for doing so.