Utilities Solutions

Radio Systems is registered on the Achilles Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB). Achilles UVDB provides a fair, open and transparent means of supplier selection for potential tender opportunities. Achilles UVDB helps utility companies manage risk within their supply chain and comply with EU Procurement Legislation.

Achilles membership has enabled Radio Systems to be at the forefront of developing the inherent capabilities of radio infrastructure into wide-area bearer circuits for Telemetry and Rural Automation. The company has enjoyed over ten years of pioneering success in assisting Regional Electricity Companies with the supervision and management of distribution networks to meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Systems currently in operation have up to forty radio sites, monitoring and controlling over three thousand sets of switchgear. Software suites include DNP3 compatibility, interfaces to Remsdaq and Schneider RTU’s at the remote end with Command and Control interfaces to GE Enmac.

For information on the products and services that Radio Systems can offer as a UVDB certificated supplier then please contact our support team who will be glad to assist you. To obtain a copy of our UVDV Certificate of Registration, simply click the Achillies logo to begin downloading.